Subscribing to Amazon ECS-optimized AMI update notifications - Amazon Elastic Container Service
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Subscribing to Amazon ECS-optimized AMI update notifications

Amazon provides two Amazon SNS topic ARNs for notifications related to the Windows Server Amazon Machine Image (AMIs). One topic sends update notifications when new Windows Server AMIs are released. The other topic sends notifications when previously released Windows Server AMIs are made private. While these topics are not specific to the Amazon ECS-optimized Windows AMIs, because the Amazon ECS-optimized Windows AMIs follow the same release schedule, you can use these notifications for an indication for when new Amazon ECS-optimized Windows AMIs are updated. For more information on subscribing to Windows AMI notifications, see Subscribing to Windows AMI notifications in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Windows Instances.


Your user account must have sns::subscribe IAM permissions to subscribe to an Amazon SNS topic.