Step 6: Review and create your service - Amazon Elastic Container Service
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Step 6: Review and create your service

After you have configured your basic service definition parameters and optionally configured your service's networking, load balancer, service discovery, and automatic scaling, you can review your configuration. Then, choose Create Service to finish creating your service.


After you create a service, the load balancer configuration can't be changed from the Amazon Web Services Management Console. You can use the Amazon Copilot, Amazon CloudFormation, Amazon CLI or SDK to modify the load balancer configuration for the ECS rolling deployment controller only, not Amazon CodeDeploy blue/green or external. When you add, update, or remove a load balancer configuration, Amazon ECS starts a new deployment with the updated Elastic Load Balancing configuration. This causes tasks to register to and deregister from load balancers. We recommend that you verify this on a test environment before you update the Elastic Load Balancing configuration. For information about how to modify the configuration, see UpdateService in the Amazon Elastic Container Service API Reference.