Updating cluster settings - Amazon Elastic Container Service
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Updating cluster settings

Cluster settings allow you to configure parameters for your existing Amazon ECS clusters. You can update cluster settings using the Amazon ECS API, Amazon CLI or SDKs. Currently, the only supported cluster setting is containerInsights, which allows you to turn on or off CloudWatch Container Insights for an existing cluster. To turn on CloudWatch Container Insights for a new cluster, that can be done in the Amazon Web Services Management Console during cluster creation. For more information, see Creating a cluster using the classic console.


Currently, if you delete an existing cluster that does not have Container Insights enabled and then create a new cluster with the same name with Container Insights enabled, Container Insights will not actually be enabled. If you want to preserve the same name for your existing cluster and turn on Container Insights, you must wait 7 days before you can re-create it.

To update the settings for a cluster (Amazon CLI)

Use one of the following commands to update the setting for a cluster.

  • update-cluster-settings (Amazon CLI)

    aws ecs update-cluster-settings --cluster cluster_name_or_arn --settings name=containerInsights,value=enabled|disabled --region us-east-1