Supported Memcached commands - Amazon ElastiCache
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Supported Memcached commands

ElastiCache Serverless for Memcached supports all of the memcached commands in open source memcached 1.6 except for the following:

  • Client connections require TLS, as a result UDP protocol is not supported.

  • Binary protocol is not supported, as it is officially deprecated in memcached 1.6.

  • GET/GETS commands are limited to 16KB to avoid potential DoS attack to the server with fetching large number of keys.

  • Delayed flush_all command will be rejected with CLIENT_ERROR.

  • Commands that configure the engine or reveal internal information about engine state or logs are not supported, such as:

    • For STATS command, only stats and stats reset are supported. Other variations will return ERROR

    • lru / lru_crawler - modification for LRU and LRU crawler settings

    • watch - watches memcached server logs

    • verbosity - configures the server log level