Using the Amazon ElastiCache Well-Architected Lens - Amazon ElastiCache
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Using the Amazon ElastiCache Well-Architected Lens

This section describes the Amazon ElastiCache Well-Architected Lens, a collection of design principles and guidance for designing well-architected ElastiCache workloads.

  • The ElastiCache Lens is additive to the Amazon Well-Architected Framework.

  • Each Pillar has a set of questions to help start the discussion around an ElastiCache Architecture.

    • Each question has a number of leading practices along with their scores for reporting.

      • Required - Necessary before going to prod (absent being a high risk)

      • Best - Best possible state a customer could be

      • Good - What we recommend customers to have (absent being a medium risk)

  • Well-Architected terminology

    • Component – Code, configuration and Amazon Resources that together deliver against a requirement. Components interact with other components, and often equate to a service in microservice architectures.

    • Workload A set of components that together deliver business value. Examples of workloads are marketing websites, e-commerce websites, the back-ends for a mobile app, analytic platforms, etc.