Restricted Redis commands - Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
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Restricted Redis commands

To deliver a managed service experience, Redis restricts access to certain cache engine-specific commands that require advanced privileges. For cache clusters running Redis, the following commands are unavailable:

  • acl setuser

  • acl load

  • acl save

  • acl deluser

  • bgrewriteaof

  • bgsave

  • cluster addslot

  • cluster addslotsrange

  • cluster bumpepoch

  • cluster delslot

  • cluster delslotsrange

  • cluster failover

  • cluster flushslots

  • cluster forget

  • cluster links

  • cluster meet

  • cluster setslot

  • config

  • debug

  • migrate

  • psync

  • replicaof

  • save

  • slaveof

  • shutdown

  • sync