Aurora MySQL database engine updates: 2015-08-24 (version 1.1) (Deprecated) - Amazon Aurora
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Aurora MySQL database engine updates: 2015-08-24 (version 1.1) (Deprecated)

Version: 1.1

This update includes the following improvements:

  • Replication stability improvements when replicating with a MySQL database (binlog replication). For information on Aurora MySQL replication with MySQL, see Replication with Amazon Aurora in the Amazon Aurora User Guide.

  • A 1 gigabyte (GB) limit on the size of the relay logs accumulated for an Aurora MySQL DB cluster that is a replication worker. This improves the file management for the Aurora DB clusters.

  • Stability improvements in the areas of read ahead, recursive foreign-key relationships, and Aurora replication.

  • Integration of MySQL bug fixes.

    • InnoDB databases with names beginning with a digit cause a full-text search (FTS) parser error. (Bug #17607956)

    • InnoDB full-text searches fail in databases whose names began with a digit. (Bug #17161372)

    • For InnoDB databases on Windows, the full-text search (FTS) object ID is not in the expected hexadecimal format. (Bug #16559254)

    • A code regression introduced in MySQL 5.6 negatively impacted DROP TABLE and ALTER TABLE performance. This could cause a performance drop between MySQL Server 5.5.x and 5.6.x. (Bug #16864741)

  • Simplified logging to reduce the size of log files and the amount of storage that they require.