Aurora MySQL database engine updates 2021-03-04 (version 2.07.4) (Deprecated) - Amazon Aurora
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Aurora MySQL database engine updates 2021-03-04 (version 2.07.4) (Deprecated)

Version: 2.07.4

Aurora MySQL 2.07.4 is generally available. Aurora MySQL 2.* versions are compatible with MySQL 5.7 and Aurora MySQL 1.* versions are compatible with MySQL 5.6.

Currently supported Aurora MySQL releases are 1.19.5, 1.19.6, 1.22.*, 1.23.*, 2.04.*, 2.07.*, 2.08.*, 2.09.*, 2.10.*, 3.01.* and 3.02.*.

You can restore a snapshot from a currently supported Aurora MySQL release into Aurora MySQL 2.07.4. You also have the option to upgrade existing Aurora MySQL 2.* database clusters to Aurora MySQL 2.07.4. You can't upgrade an existing Aurora MySQL 1.* cluster directly to 2.07.4; however, you can restore its snapshot to Aurora MySQL 2.07.4.

To create a cluster with an older version of Aurora MySQL, please specify the engine version through the Amazon Web Services Management Console, the Amazon CLI, or the RDS API.


This version is designated as a long-term support (LTS) release. For more information, see Aurora MySQL long-term support (LTS) releases in the Amazon Aurora User Guide.

If you have any questions or concerns, Amazon Support is available on the community forums and through Amazon Support. For more information, see Maintaining an Amazon Aurora DB cluster in the Amazon Aurora User Guide.


Security fixes:

Availability improvements:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a client to hang in case of a network error while reading or writing a network packet.

  • Improved engine restart times in some cases after interrupted DDL.

  • Fixed an issue where a DDL or DML could cause engine restart during a page prefetch request.

  • Fixed an issue where a replica could restart while performing a reverse scan of a table/index on an Aurora Read Replica.

  • Fixed an issue in clone cluster operation that could cause the clone to take longer.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a restart of a database when using parallel query optimization for geospatial columns.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a binlog replica to stop with an HA_ERR_KEY_NOT_FOUND error.

Integration of MySQL community edition bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Full-text ngram parser when dealing with tokens containing ' ' (space), '%', or ','. Customers should rebuild their FTS indexes if using ngram parser. (Bug #25873310)

  • Fixed an issue that could cause engine restart during query execution with nested SQL views. (Bug #27214153, Bug #26864199)

Comparison with Aurora MySQL version 1

The following Amazon Aurora MySQL features are supported in Aurora MySQL Version 1 (compatible with MySQL 5.6), but these features are currently not supported in Aurora MySQL Version 2 (compatible with MySQL 5.7).

MySQL 5.7 compatibility

This Aurora MySQL version is wire-compatible with MySQL 5.7 and includes features such as JSON support, spatial indexes, and generated columns. Aurora MySQL uses a native implementation of spatial indexing using z-order curves to deliver >20x better write performance and >10x better read performance than MySQL 5.7 for spatial datasets.

This Aurora MySQL version does not currently support the following MySQL 5.7 features:

  • Group replication plugin

  • Increased page size

  • InnoDB buffer pool loading at startup

  • InnoDB full-text parser plugin

  • Multisource replication

  • Online buffer pool resizing

  • Password validation plugin

  • Query rewrite plugins

  • Replication filtering