Aurora MySQL Serverless 5.6 engine version 1.22.3 - Amazon Aurora
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Aurora MySQL Serverless 5.6 engine version 1.22.3

Aurora Serverless 5.6 is generally available. It has the same features and bug fixes as Aurora MySQL 1.22.3.

Aurora Serverless v1 doesn't have its own version number. It uses the number of the Aurora MySQL version that supports it to distinguish between Aurora MySQL 5.6 and Aurora MySQL 5.7 updates. For more information, see Aurora Serverless v1 and Aurora database engine versions in the Amazon Aurora User Guide. For general information about Aurora Serverless, see Using Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 in the Amazon Aurora User Guide.

If you have any questions or concerns, Amazon Support is available on the community forums and through Amazon Support. For more information, see Maintaining an Aurora DB cluster.

Bug fixes:

This Aurora Serverless release includes all bug fixes up to Aurora MySQL version 1.22.3. For details, see Aurora MySQL database engine updates 2020-11-09 (version 1.22.3) (Deprecation scheduled for February 28, 2023) and the release notes for previous Aurora MySQL versions.