Parameters for MariaDB - Amazon Relational Database Service
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Parameters for MariaDB

By default, a MariaDB DB instance uses a DB parameter group that is specific to a MariaDB database. This parameter group contains some but not all of the parameters contained in the Amazon RDS DB parameter groups for the MySQL database engine. It also contains a number of new, MariaDB-specific parameters. For information about working with parameter groups and setting parameters, see Working with parameter groups.

Viewing MariaDB parameters

RDS for MariaDB parameters are set to the default values of the storage engine that you have selected. For more information about MariaDB parameters, see the MariaDB documentation. For more information about MariaDB storage engines, see Supported storage engines for MariaDB on Amazon RDS.

You can view the parameters available for a specific RDS for MariaDB version using the RDS console or the Amazon CLI. For information about viewing the parameters in a MariaDB parameter group in the RDS console, see Viewing parameter values for a DB parameter group.

Using the Amazon CLI, you can view the parameters for an RDS for MariaDB version by running the describe-engine-default-parameters command. Specify one of the following values for the --db-parameter-group-family option:

  • mariadb10.11

  • mariadb10.6

  • mariadb10.5

  • mariadb10.4

  • mariadb10.3

For example, to view the parameters for RDS for MariaDB version 10.6, run the following command.

aws rds describe-engine-default-parameters --db-parameter-group-family mariadb10.6

Your output looks similar to the following.

{ "EngineDefaults": { "Parameters": [ { "ParameterName": "alter_algorithm", "Description": "Specify the alter table algorithm.", "Source": "engine-default", "ApplyType": "dynamic", "DataType": "string", "AllowedValues": "DEFAULT,COPY,INPLACE,NOCOPY,INSTANT", "IsModifiable": true }, { "ParameterName": "analyze_sample_percentage", "Description": "Percentage of rows from the table ANALYZE TABLE will sample to collect table statistics.", "Source": "engine-default", "ApplyType": "dynamic", "DataType": "float", "AllowedValues": "0-100", "IsModifiable": true }, { "ParameterName": "aria_block_size", "Description": "Block size to be used for Aria index pages.", "Source": "engine-default", "ApplyType": "static", "DataType": "integer", "AllowedValues": "1024-32768", "IsModifiable": false }, { "ParameterName": "aria_checkpoint_interval", "Description": "Interval in seconds between automatic checkpoints.", "Source": "engine-default", "ApplyType": "dynamic", "DataType": "integer", "AllowedValues": "0-4294967295", "IsModifiable": true }, ...

To list only the modifiable parameters for RDS for MariaDB version 10.6, run the following command.

For Linux, macOS, or Unix:

aws rds describe-engine-default-parameters --db-parameter-group-family mariadb10.6 \ --query 'EngineDefaults.Parameters[?IsModifiable==`true`]'

For Windows:

aws rds describe-engine-default-parameters --db-parameter-group-family mariadb10.6 ^ --query "EngineDefaults.Parameters[?IsModifiable==`true`]"

MySQL parameters that aren't available

The following MySQL parameters are not available in MariaDB-specific DB parameter groups:

  • bind_address

  • binlog_error_action

  • binlog_gtid_simple_recovery

  • binlog_max_flush_queue_time

  • binlog_order_commits

  • binlog_row_image

  • binlog_rows_query_log_events

  • binlogging_impossible_mode

  • block_encryption_mode

  • core_file

  • default_tmp_storage_engine

  • div_precision_increment

  • end_markers_in_json

  • enforce_gtid_consistency

  • eq_range_index_dive_limit

  • explicit_defaults_for_timestamp

  • gtid_executed

  • gtid-mode

  • gtid_next

  • gtid_owned

  • gtid_purged

  • log_bin_basename

  • log_bin_index

  • log_bin_use_v1_row_events

  • log_slow_admin_statements

  • log_slow_slave_statements

  • log_throttle_queries_not_using_indexes

  • master-info-repository

  • optimizer_trace

  • optimizer_trace_features

  • optimizer_trace_limit

  • optimizer_trace_max_mem_size

  • optimizer_trace_offset

  • relay_log_info_repository

  • rpl_stop_slave_timeout

  • slave_parallel_workers

  • slave_pending_jobs_size_max

  • slave_rows_search_algorithms

  • storage_engine

  • table_open_cache_instances

  • timed_mutexes

  • transaction_allow_batching

  • validate-password

  • validate_password_dictionary_file

  • validate_password_length

  • validate_password_mixed_case_count

  • validate_password_number_count

  • validate_password_policy

  • validate_password_special_char_count

For more information on MySQL parameters, see the MySQL documentation.