RDS for Oracle parameters - Amazon Relational Database Service
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RDS for Oracle parameters

DB parameter groups

In Amazon RDS, you manage parameters using DB parameter groups. For more information, see Working with parameter groups. To view the supported initialization parameters for a specific Oracle Database edition and version, run the Amazon CLI command describe-engine-default-parameters.

For example, to view the supported initialization parameters for the Enterprise Edition of Oracle Database 19c, run the following command.

aws rds describe-engine-default-parameters \ --db-parameter-group-family oracle-ee-19

Oracle database initialization parameters

To find documentation for the initialization parameters, see Initialization Parameters in the Oracle Database documentation. The following initialization parameters have special considerations:


    This parameter forces a redo log switch after the specified time elapses. In RDS for Oracle, ARCHIVE_LAG_TARGET is set to 300 because the recovery point objective (RPO) is 5 minutes. To honor this objective, RDS for Oracle switches the online redo log every 5 minutes and stores it in an Amazon S3 bucket. If the frequency of the log switch causes a performance issue for your RDS for Oracle database, you can scale your DB instance and storage to one with higher IOPS and throughput. Alternatively, if you use RDS Custom for Oracle or deploy an Oracle database on Amazon EC2, you can adjust the setting of the ARCHIVE_LAG_TARGET initialization parameter.