Connecting to your DB instance using Oracle SQL developer - Amazon Relational Database Service
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Connecting to your DB instance using Oracle SQL developer

In this procedure, you connect to your DB instance by using Oracle SQL Developer. To download a standalone version of this utility, see the Oracle SQL developer downloads page.

To connect to your DB instance, you need its DNS name and port number. For information about finding the DNS name and port number for a DB instance, see Finding the endpoint of your RDS for Oracle DB instance.

To connect to a DB instance using SQL developer
  1. Start Oracle SQL Developer.

  2. On the Connections tab, choose the add (+) icon.

    Oracle SQL Developer with add icon highlighted
  3. In the New/Select Database Connection dialog box, provide the information for your DB instance:

    • For Connection Name, enter a name that describes the connection, such as Oracle-RDS.

    • For Username, enter the name of the database administrator for the DB instance.

    • For Password, enter the password for the database administrator.

    • For Hostname, enter the DNS name of the DB instance.

    • For Port, enter the port number.

    • For SID, enter the DB name. You can find the DB name on the Configuration tab of your database details page.

    The completed dialog box should look similar to the following.

    Creating a new connection in Oracle SQL Developer
  4. Choose Connect.

  5. You can now start creating your own databases and running queries against your DB instance and databases as usual. To run a test query against your DB instance, do the following:

    1. In the Worksheet tab for your connection, enter the following SQL query.

    2. Choose the execute icon to run the query.

      Running a query in Oracle SQL Developer using the execute icon

      SQL Developer returns the database name.

      Query results in Oracle SQL Developer