Amazon RDS event notification tags and attributes - Amazon Relational Database Service
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Amazon RDS event notification tags and attributes

When Amazon RDS sends an event notification to Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) or Amazon EventBridge, the notification contains message attributes and event tags. RDS sends the message attributes separately along with the message, while the event tags are in the body of the message. Use the message attributes and the Amazon RDS tags to add metadata to your resources. You can modify these tags with your own notations about the DB instances. For more information about tagging Amazon RDS resources, see Tagging Amazon RDS resources.

By default, the Amazon SNS and Amazon EventBridge receives every message sent to them. SNS and EventBridge can filter the message and send the notifications to the preferred communication mode, such as an email, a text message, or a call to an HTTP endpoint.


The notification sent in an email or a text message will not have event tags.

The following table shows the message attributes for RDS events sent to the topic subscriber.

Amazon RDS event attribute



Identifier for the RDS event message, for example, RDS-EVENT-0006.


The ARN identifier for the resource emitting the event, for example, arn:aws:rds:ap-southeast-2:123456789012:db:database-1.

The RDS tags provide data about the resource that was affected by the service event. RDS adds the current state of the tags in the message body when the notification is sent to SNS or EventBridge.

For more information about filtering message attributes for SNS, see Amazon SNS message filtering in the Amazon Simple Notification Service Developer Guide.

For more information about filtering event tags for EventBridge, see Content filtering in Amazon EventBridge event patterns in the Amazon EventBridge User Guide.

For more information about filtering payload-based tags for SNS, see