SQL statistics for MariaDB and MySQL - Amazon Relational Database Service
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SQL statistics for MariaDB and MySQL

MariaDB and MySQL collect SQL statistics only at the digest level. No statistics are shown at the statement level.

Digest statistics for MariaDB and MySQL

Performance Insights collects SQL digest statistics from the events_statements_summary_by_digest table. The events_statements_summary_by_digest table is managed by your database.

The digest table doesn't have an eviction policy. When the table is full, the Amazon Web Services Management Console shows the following message:

Performance Insights is unable to collect SQL Digest statistics on new queries because the table events_statements_summary_by_digest is full. Please truncate events_statements_summary_by_digest table to clear the issue. Check the User Guide for more details.

In this situation, MariaDB and MySQL don't track SQL queries. To address this issue, Performance Insights automatically truncates the digest table when both of the following conditions are met:

In the Amazon CLI, check the source of a parameter value by running the describe-db-parameters command.

Per-second statistics for MariaDB and MySQL

The following SQL statistics are available for MariaDB and MySQL DB instances.

Metric Unit
db.sql_tokenized.stats.count_star_per_sec Calls per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_timer_wait_per_sec Average active executions per second (AAE)
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_select_full_join_per_sec Select full join per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_select_range_check_per_sec Select range check per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_select_scan_per_sec Select scan per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_sort_merge_passes_per_sec Sort merge passes per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_sort_scan_per_sec Sort scans per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_sort_range_per_sec Sort ranges per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_sort_rows_per_sec Sort rows per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_rows_affected_per_sec Rows affected per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_rows_examined_per_sec Rows examined per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_rows_sent_per_sec Rows sent per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_created_tmp_disk_tables_per_sec Created temporary disk tables per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_created_tmp_tables_per_sec Created temporary tables per second
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_lock_time_per_sec Lock time per second (in ms)

Per-call statistics for MariaDB and MySQL

The following metrics provide per call statistics for a SQL statement.

Metric Unit
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_timer_wait_per_call Average latency per call (in ms)
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_select_full_join_per_call Select full joins per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_select_range_check_per_call Select range check per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_select_scan_per_call Select scans per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_sort_merge_passes_per_call Sort merge passes per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_sort_scan_per_call Sort scans per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_sort_range_per_call Sort ranges per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_sort_rows_per_call Sort rows per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_rows_affected_per_call Rows affected per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_rows_examined_per_call Rows examined per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_rows_sent_per_call Rows sent per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_created_tmp_disk_tables_per_call Created temporary disk tables per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_created_tmp_tables_per_call Created temporary tables per call
db.sql_tokenized.stats.sum_lock_time_per_call Lock time per call (in ms)