Accessing more SQL text in the Performance Insights dashboard - Amazon Relational Database Service
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Accessing more SQL text in the Performance Insights dashboard

By default, each row in the Top SQL table shows 500 bytes of SQL text for each SQL statement.

500 bytes of SQL

When a SQL statement exceeds 500 bytes, you can view more text in the SQL text section below the Top SQL table. In this case, the maximum length for the text displayed in SQL text is 4 KB. This limit is introduced by the console and is subject to the limits set by the database engine. To save the text shown in SQL text, choose Download.

Text size limits for Amazon RDS engines

When you download SQL text, the database engine determines its maximum length. You can download SQL text up to the following per-engine limits.

DB engine Maximum length of downloaded text
Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB 1,024 bytes
Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server 4,096 characters
Amazon RDS for Oracle 1,000 bytes

The SQL text section of the Performance Insights console displays up to the maximum that the engine returns. For example, if MySQL returns at most 1 KB to Performance Insights, it can only collect and show 1 KB, even if the original query is larger. Thus, when you view the query in SQL text or download it, Performance Insights returns the same number of bytes.

If you use the Amazon CLI or API, Performance Insights doesn't have the 4 KB limit enforced by the console. DescribeDimensionKeys and GetResourceMetrics return at most 500 bytes.


GetDimensionKeyDetails returns the full query, but the size is subject to the engine limit.

Setting the SQL text limit for Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL DB instances

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL handles text differently. You can set the text size limit with the DB instance parameter track_activity_query_size. This parameter has the following characteristics:

Default text size

On Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL version 9.6, the default setting for the track_activity_query_size parameter is 1,024 bytes. On Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL version 10 or higher, the default is 4,096 bytes.

Maximum text size

The limit for track_activity_query_size is 102,400 bytes for Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL version 12 and lower. The maximum is 1 MB for version 13 and higher.

If the engine returns 1 MB to Performance Insights, the console displays only the first 4 KB. If you download the query, you get the full 1 MB. In this case, viewing and downloading return different numbers of bytes. For more information about the track_activity_query_size DB instance parameter, see Run-time Statistics in the PostgreSQL documentation.

To increase the SQL text size, increase the track_activity_query_size limit. To modify the parameter, change the parameter setting in the parameter group that is associated with the Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL DB instance.

To change the setting when the instance uses the default parameter group
  1. Create a new DB instance parameter group for the appropriate DB engine and DB engine version.

  2. Set the parameter in the new parameter group.

  3. Associate the new parameter group with the DB instance.

For information about setting a DB instance parameter, see Modifying parameters in a DB parameter group.

Viewing and downloading SQL text in the Performance Insights dashboard

In the Performance Insights dashboard, you can view or download SQL text.

To view more SQL text in the Performance Insights dashboard
  1. Open the Amazon RDS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Performance Insights.

  3. Choose a DB instance.

    The Performance Insights dashboard is displayed for your DB instance.

  4. Scroll down to the Top SQL tab.

  5. Choose the plus sign to expand a SQL digest and choose one of the digest's child queries.

    SQL statements with text larger than 500 bytes look similar to the following image.

    SQL statements with large text
  6. Scroll down to the SQL text tab.

    SQL information section shows more of the SQL text

    The Performance Insights dashboard can display up to 4,096 bytes for each SQL statement.

  7. (Optional) Choose Copy to copy the displayed SQL statement, or choose Download to download the SQL statement to view the SQL text up to the DB engine limit.


    To copy or download the SQL statement, disable pop-up blockers.