Viewing CEV details for Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server - Amazon Relational Database Service
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Viewing CEV details for Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server

You can view details about your CEV by using the Amazon Web Services Management Console or the Amazon CLI.

To view CEV details
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon RDS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Custom engine versions.

    The Custom engine versions page shows all CEVs that currently exist. If you haven't created any CEVs, the page is empty.

  3. Choose the name of the CEV that you want to view.

  4. Choose Configuration to view the details.

    View the configuration details for a CEV.

To view details about a CEV by using the Amazon CLI, run the describe-db-engine-versions command.

You can also specify the following options:

  • --include-all, to view all CEVs with any lifecycle state. Without the --include-all option, only the CEVs in an available lifecycle state will be returned.

aws rds describe-db-engine-versions --engine custom-sqlserver-ee --engine-version 15.00.4249.2.my_cevtest --include-all { "DBEngineVersions": [ { "Engine": "custom-sqlserver-ee", "MajorEngineVersion": "15.00", "EngineVersion": "15.00.4249.2.my_cevtest", "DBParameterGroupFamily": "custom-sqlserver-ee-15.0", "DBEngineDescription": "Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition for custom RDS", "DBEngineVersionArn": "arn:aws:rds:us-east-1:{my-account-id}:cev:custom-sqlserver-ee/15.00.4249.2.my_cevtest/a1234a1-123c-12rd-bre1-1234567890", "DBEngineVersionDescription": "Custom SQL Server EE 15.00.4249.2 cev test", "Image": { "ImageId": "ami-0r93cx31t5r596482", "Status": "pending-validation" }, "DBEngineMediaType": "AWS Provided", "CreateTime": "2022-11-20T19:30:01.831000+00:00", "ValidUpgradeTarget": [], "SupportsLogExportsToCloudwatchLogs": false, "SupportsReadReplica": false, "SupportedFeatureNames": [], "Status": "pending-validation", "SupportsParallelQuery": false, "SupportsGlobalDatabases": false, "TagList": [], "SupportsBabelfish": false } ] }

You can use filters to view CEVs with a certain lifecycle status. For example, to view CEVs that have a lifecycle status of either pending-validation, available, or failed:

aws rds describe-db-engine-versions engine custom-sqlserver-ee region us-west-2 include-all query 'DBEngineVersions[?Status == pending-validation || Status == available || Status == failed]'