INGEST utility - Amazon Relational Database Service
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INGEST utility

You can use the INGEST utility to continually stream data from files and pipes on a client machine to a target Amazon RDS for Db2 DB instance. The INGEST utility supports INSERT and MERGE operations. For more information, see Ingest utility in the IBM Db2 documentation.

Because the INGEST utility supports nicknames, you can use the utility to transfer data from your self-managed Db2 database to an RDS for Db2 database. This approach works as long as network connectivity exists between the two databases.


The INGEST utility doesn't support large objects (LOBs). Use the IMPORT command instead.

To use the RESTARTABLE feature of the INGEST utility, run the following command on the RDS for Db2 database.

db2 "call sysproc.sysinstallobjects(‘INGEST’,‘C’,NULL,NULL)"