Connecting to Oracle with Kerberos authentication - Amazon Relational Database Service
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Connecting to Oracle with Kerberos authentication

This section assumes that you have set up your Oracle client as described in Step 8: Configure an Oracle client. To connect to the Oracle DB with Kerberos authentication, log in using the Kerberos authentication type. For example, after launching Oracle SQL Developer, choose Kerberos Authentication as the authentication type, as shown following.

To connect to Oracle with Kerberos authentication with SQL*Plus:

  1. At a command prompt, run the following command:

    kinit username

    Replace username with the user name and, at the prompt, enter the password stored in the Microsoft Active Directory for the user.

  2. Open SQL*Plus and connect using the DNS name and port number for the Oracle DB instance.

    For more information about connecting to an Oracle DB instance in SQL*Plus, see Connecting to your DB instance using SQL*Plus.