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Password-check hook (passcheck)

The passcheck hook is used to customize PostgreSQL behavior during the password-checking process for the following SQL commands and psql metacommand.

  • CREATE ROLE username ...PASSWORD – For more information, see CREATE ROLE in the PostgreSQL documentation.

  • ALTER ROLE username...PASSWORD – For more information, see ALTER ROLE in the PostgreSQL documentation.

  • \password username – This interactive psql metacommand securely changes the password for the specified user by hashing the password before transparently using the ALTER ROLE ... PASSWORD syntax. The metacommand is a secure wrapper for the ALTER ROLE ... PASSWORD command, thus the hook applies to the behavior of the psql metacommand.

For an example, see Password-check hook code listing.

Function prototype

passcheck_hook(username text, password text, password_type pgtle.password_types, valid_until timestamptz, valid_null boolean)


A passcheck hook function takes the following arguments.

  • username – The name (as text) of the role (username) that's setting a password.

  • password – The plaintext or hashed password. The password entered should match the type specified in password_type.

  • password_type – Specify the pgtle.password_type format of the password. This format can be one of the following options.

    • PASSWORD_TYPE_PLAINTEXT – A plaintext password.

    • PASSWORD_TYPE_MD5 – A password that's been hashed using MD5 (message digest 5) algorithm.

    • PASSWORD_TYPE_SCRAM_SHA_256 – A password that's been hashed using SCRAM-SHA-256 algorithm.

  • valid_until – Specify the time when the password becomes invalid. This argument is optional. If you use this argument, specify the time as a timestamptz value.

  • valid_null – If this Boolean is set to true, the valid_until option is set to NULL.


The function pgtle.enable_password_check controls whether the passcheck hook is active. The passcheck hook has three possible settings.

  • off – Turns off the passcheck password-check hook. This is the default value.

  • on – Turns on the passcode password-check hook so that passwords are checked against the table.

  • require – Requires a password check hook to be defined.

Usage notes

To turn the passcheck hook on or off, you need to modify the custom DB parameter group for your RDS for PostgreSQL DB instance.

For Linux, macOS, or Unix:

aws rds modify-db-parameter-group \ --region aws-region \ --db-parameter-group-name your-custom-parameter-group \ --parameters "ParameterName=pgtle.enable_password_check,ParameterValue=on,ApplyMethod=immediate"

For Windows:

aws rds modify-db-parameter-group ^ --region aws-region ^ --db-parameter-group-name your-custom-parameter-group ^ --parameters "ParameterName=pgtle.enable_password_check,ParameterValue=on,ApplyMethod=immediate"