LifecycleRuleFilter - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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The Filter is used to identify objects that a Lifecycle Rule applies to. A Filter can have exactly one of Prefix, Tag, ObjectSizeGreaterThan, ObjectSizeLessThan, or And specified. If the Filter element is left empty, the Lifecycle Rule applies to all objects in the bucket.



This is used in a Lifecycle Rule Filter to apply a logical AND to two or more predicates. The Lifecycle Rule will apply to any object matching all of the predicates configured inside the And operator.

Type: LifecycleRuleAndOperator data type

Required: No


Minimum object size to which the rule applies.

Type: Long

Required: No


Maximum object size to which the rule applies.

Type: Long

Required: No


Prefix identifying one or more objects to which the rule applies.


Replacement must be made for object keys containing special characters (such as carriage returns) when using XML requests. For more information, see XML related object key constraints.

Type: String

Required: No


This tag must exist in the object's tag set in order for the rule to apply.

Type: Tag data type

Required: No

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