Billing and usage reporting for Amazon S3 - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Billing and usage reporting for Amazon S3


On May 13, 2024, we started deploying a change to eliminate charges for unauthorized requests that aren't initiated by the bucket owner. After the deployment of this change is completed, bucket owners will never incur request or bandwidth charges for requests that return AccessDenied (HTTP 403 Forbidden) errors when these requests are initiated from outside of their individual Amazon account or Amazon organization. For more information on a full list of HTTP 3XX and 4XX status codes that won't be billed, see Billing for Amazon S3 error responses. This billing change requires no updates to your applications and applies to all S3 buckets. When deployment of this change is completed in all Amazon Web Services Regions, we’ll update our documentation.

When using Amazon S3, you don't have to pay any upfront fees or commit to how much content you'll store. Like other Amazon Web Services, you pay as you go and pay only for what you use.

Amazon provides the following reports for Amazon S3:

  • Billing reports – Multiple reports that provide high-level views of all of the activity for the Amazon Web Services that you're using, including Amazon S3. Amazon always bills the owner of the S3 bucket for Amazon S3 fees, unless the bucket was created as a Requester Pays bucket. For more information about Requester Pays, see Using Requester Pays buckets for storage transfers and usage. For more information about billing reports, see Amazon Billing reports for Amazon S3.

  • Usage report – A summary of activity for a specific service, aggregated by hour, day, or month. You can choose which usage type and operation to include. You can also choose how the data is aggregated. For more information, see Amazon usage report for Amazon S3.

The following topics provide information about billing and usage reporting for Amazon S3.