Viewing information about an access point configuration - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Viewing information about an access point configuration

Access points simplify managing data access at scale for shared datasets in Amazon S3. Access points are named network endpoints that are attached to buckets that you can use to perform Amazon S3 object operations, such as GetObject and PutObject. With S3 on Outposts, you must use access points to access any object in an Outposts bucket. Access points support only virtual-host-style addressing.

The following topics show you how to return configuration information for an S3 on Outposts access point by using the Amazon Web Services Management Console, Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI), and Amazon SDK for Java.

  1. Open the Amazon S3 console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Outposts access points.

  3. Choose the Outposts access point that you want to view configuration details for.

  4. Under Outposts access point overview, review the access point configuration details.

The following Amazon CLI example gets an access point for an Outposts bucket. Replace the user input placeholders with your own information.

aws s3control get-access-point --account-id 123456789012 --name arn:aws-cn:s3-outposts:region:123456789012:outpost/op-01ac5d28a6a232904/accesspoint/example-outposts-access-point

The following SDK for Java example gets an access point for an Outposts bucket.

import*; public void getAccessPoint(String accessPointArn) { GetAccessPointRequest reqGetAP = new GetAccessPointRequest() .withAccountId(AccountId) .withName(accessPointArn); GetAccessPointResult respGetAP = s3ControlClient.getAccessPoint(reqGetAP); System.out.printf("GetAccessPoint Response: %s%n", respGetAP.toString()); }