Delete all object tags - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Delete all object tags

The Delete all object tags operation removes all Amazon S3 object tag sets currently associated with the objects that are listed in the manifest. S3 Batch Operations does not support deleting tags from objects while keeping other tags in place.

If the objects in your manifest are in a versioned bucket, you can remove the tag sets from a specific version of an object. Do this by specifying a version ID for every object in the manifest. If you don't include a version ID for an object, S3 Batch Operations removes the tag set from the latest version of every object.

For more information about Batch Operations manifests, see Specifying a manifest.


Running this job removes all object tag sets on every object listed in the manifest.

Restrictions and limitations

  • The Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that you specify to run the job must have permissions to perform the underlying Amazon S3 Delete object tagging operation. For more information, see DeleteObjectTagging in the Amazon Simple Storage Service API Reference.

  • S3 Batch Operations uses the Amazon S3 DeleteObjectTagging operation to remove the tag sets from every object in the manifest. All restrictions and limitations that apply to the underlying operation also apply to S3 Batch Operations jobs.

For more information about creating jobs, see Creating an S3 Batch Operations job.

For more details about object tagging, see Replace all object tags in this guide, and PutObjectTagging, GetObjectTagging, and DeleteObjectTagging in the Amazon Simple Storage Service API Reference.