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Use CompleteMultipartUpload with an Amazon SDK or CLI

The following code examples show how to use CompleteMultipartUpload.

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Amazon CLI

The following command completes a multipart upload for the key multipart/01 in the bucket my-bucket:

aws s3api complete-multipart-upload --multipart-upload file://mpustruct --bucket my-bucket --key 'multipart/01' --upload-id dfRtDYU0WWCCcH43C3WFbkRONycyCpTJJvxu2i5GYkZljF.Yxwh6XG7WfS2vC4to6HiV6Yjlx.cph0gtNBtJ8P3URCSbB7rjxI5iEwVDmgaXZOGgkk5nVTW16HOQ5l0R

The upload ID required by this command is output by create-multipart-upload and can also be retrieved with list-multipart-uploads.

The multipart upload option in the above command takes a JSON structure that describes the parts of the multipart upload that should be reassembled into the complete file. In this example, the file:// prefix is used to load the JSON structure from a file in the local folder named mpustruct.


{ "Parts": [ { "ETag": "e868e0f4719e394144ef36531ee6824c", "PartNumber": 1 }, { "ETag": "6bb2b12753d66fe86da4998aa33fffb0", "PartNumber": 2 }, { "ETag": "d0a0112e841abec9c9ec83406f0159c8", "PartNumber": 3 } ] }

The ETag value for each part is upload is output each time you upload a part using the upload-part command and can also be retrieved by calling list-parts or calculated by taking the MD5 checksum of each part.


{ "ETag": "\"3944a9f7a4faab7f78788ff6210f63f0-3\"", "Bucket": "my-bucket", "Location": "", "Key": "multipart/01" }
SDK for Rust

There's more on GitHub. Find the complete example and learn how to set up and run in the Amazon Code Examples Repository.

let _complete_multipart_upload_res = client .complete_multipart_upload() .bucket(&bucket_name) .key(&key) .multipart_upload(completed_multipart_upload) .upload_id(upload_id) .send() .await .unwrap();

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