Use GetBucketAnalyticsConfiguration with an Amazon SDK or CLI - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Use GetBucketAnalyticsConfiguration with an Amazon SDK or CLI

The following code examples show how to use GetBucketAnalyticsConfiguration.

Amazon CLI

To retrieve the analytics configuration for a bucket with a specific ID

The following get-bucket-analytics-configuration example displays the analytics configuration for the specified bucket and ID.

aws s3api get-bucket-analytics-configuration \ --bucket my-bucket \ --id 1


{ "AnalyticsConfiguration": { "StorageClassAnalysis": {}, "Id": "1" } }
Tools for PowerShell

Example 1: This command returns the details of the analytics filter with the name 'testfilter' in the given S3 bucket.

Get-S3BucketAnalyticsConfiguration -BucketName 's3testbucket' -AnalyticsId 'testfilter'

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