Troubleshooting Mountpoint - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Troubleshooting Mountpoint

Mountpoint for Amazon S3 is backed by Amazon Web Services Support. If you need assistance, contact the Amazon Web Services Support Center.

You can also review and submit Mountpoint Issues on GitHub.

If you discover a potential security issue in this project, we ask that you notify Amazon Security through our vulnerability reporting page. Do not create a public GitHub issue.

If your application behaves unexpectedly with Mountpoint, you can inspect your log information to diagnose the problem.


By default, Mountpoint emits high-severity log information to syslog.

To view logs on most modern Linux distributions, including Amazon Linux, run the following journald command:

journalctl -e SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER=mount-s3

On other Linux systems, syslog entries are likely written to a file such as /var/log/syslog.

You can use these logs to troubleshoot your application. For example, if your application tries to overwrite an existing file, the operation fails, and you will see a line similar to the following in the log:

[WARN] open{req=12 ino=2}: mountpoint_s3::fuse: open failed: inode error: inode 2 (full key "") is not writable

For more information, see Mountpoint for Amazon S3 Logging on GitHub.