Debugging S3 Object Lambda - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Debugging S3 Object Lambda

Requests to Amazon S3 Object Lambda access points might result in a new error response when something goes wrong with the Lambda function invocation or execution. These errors follow the same format as standard Amazon S3 errors. For information about S3 Object Lambda errors, see S3 Object Lambda Error Code List in the Amazon Simple Storage Service API Reference.

For more information about general Lambda function debugging, see Monitoring and troubleshooting Lambda applications in the Amazon Lambda Developer Guide.

For information about standard Amazon S3 errors, see Error Responses in the Amazon Simple Storage Service API Reference.

You can enable request metrics in Amazon CloudWatch for your Object Lambda Access Points. These metrics help you monitor the operational performance of your access point. You can enable request metrics during or after creation of your Object Lambda Access Point. For more information, see S3 Object Lambda request metrics in CloudWatch.

To get more granular logging about requests made to your Object Lambda Access Points, you can enable Amazon CloudTrail data events. For more information, see Logging data events for trails in the Amazon CloudTrail User Guide.