List inline IAM policies for a user using an Amazon SDK - Amazon Identity and Access Management
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List inline IAM policies for a user using an Amazon SDK

The following code example shows how to list inline IAM policies for a user.


To avoid security risks, don't use IAM users for authentication when developing purpose-built software or working with real data. Instead, use federation with an identity provider such as Amazon IAM Identity Center.

SDK for Go V2

There's more on GitHub. Find the complete example and learn how to set up and run in the Amazon Code Examples Repository.

// UserWrapper encapsulates user actions used in the examples. // It contains an IAM service client that is used to perform user actions. type UserWrapper struct { IamClient *iam.Client } // ListUserPolicies lists the inline policies for the specified user. func (wrapper UserWrapper) ListUserPolicies(userName string) ([]string, error) { var policies []string result, err := wrapper.IamClient.ListUserPolicies(context.TODO(), &iam.ListUserPoliciesInput{ UserName: aws.String(userName), }) if err != nil { log.Printf("Couldn't list policies for user %v. Here's why: %v\n", userName, err) } else { policies = result.PolicyNames } return policies, err }

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