Broker instance types - Amazon MQ
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Broker instance types


You can use Amazon EBS only with the mq.m5 broker instance type family. For more information, see Storage.

Instance Type vCPU Memory (GiB) Network Performance Notes
mq.t2.micro 1 1 Low

Use the mq.t2.micro instance type for basic evaluation of Amazon MQ.


Using the mq.t2.micro instance type is subject to CPU credits and baseline performance—with the ability to burst above the baseline level (for more information, see the CpuCreditBalance metric). If your application requires fixed performance, consider using an mq.m5.large instance type.

mq.t3.micro 2 1 Low

Use the mq.t3.micro instance type for basic evaluation of Amazon MQ. This instance type (single-instance brokers only) qualifies for the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region Free Tier.


This instance type does not qualify for the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region Free Tier in the China (Beijing) Region.

mq.m4.large 2 8 Moderate

Use the mq.m4.large instance type for compatibility with existing broker deployments. We recommend using an mq.m5.* instance for new brokers.

mq.m5.large 2 8 High

Use the mq.m5.large instance for regular development, testing, and production workloads.

mq.m5.xlarge 4 16 High

Use the mq.m5.xlarge, mq.m5.2xlarge, and mq.m5.4xlarge instance types for regular development, testing and production workloads that require high throughput.


When your system uses persistent messages, its throughput depends on how quickly messages are consumed.

If messages aren't consumed immediately, using larger instance types with persistent messages might not improve system throughput. In this case, we recommend setting the concurrentStoreAndDispatchQueues attribute to false. For more information, see Disable Concurrent Store and Dispatch for Queues with Slow Consumers.

mq.m5.2xlarge 8 32 High
mq.m5.4xlarge 16 64 High

For more information about throughput considerations, see Choose the Correct Broker Instance Type for the Best Throughput.