Deleting an Empty Vault by Using the S3 Glacier Console - Amazon S3 Glacier
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Deleting an Empty Vault by Using the S3 Glacier Console


Before deleting a vault, you must delete all existing archives within the vault. You can do this by writing code to make a delete archive request by using either the REST API, the Amazon SDK for Java, the Amazon SDK for .NET, or by using the Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI). For information about deleting archives, see Step 5: Delete an Archive from a Vault in S3 Glacier.

After your vault is empty, you can delete it by using the following steps.

To delete an empty vault by using the Amazon S3 Glacier console
  1. Sign into the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the S3 Glacier console at S3 Glacier Console.

  2. Under Select a Region, choose the Amazon Web Services Region where the vault exists.

  3. In the left navigation pane, choose Vaults.

  4. In the Vaults list, select the option button next to the name of the vault that you want to delete, and then choose Delete at the top of the page.

  5. In the Delete vault dialog box, confirm that you want to delete the vault by choosing Delete.


    Deleting a vault can't be undone.

  6. To verify that you've deleted the vault, open the Vaults list and enter the name of the vault that you deleted. If the vault can't be found, your deletion was successful.