Registering an Activity Type - Amazon Simple Workflow Service
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Registering an Activity Type

You can register activity types using the Amazon Simple Workflow Service console. You are not able to register an activity type until at least one domain is registered.

To register an Amazon SWF activity type using the console

  1. In the Amazon Simple Workflow Service Dashboard, under Quick Links, choose Register New Activity Type.

    In the Activity Details dialog box, enter the following information.

    • Domain

    • Activity Name

    • Activity Version

    • Default Task List

    • Task Schedule to Start Timeout

    • Task Start to Close Timeout

    Fields marked with an asterisk ((*)) are required.

            Register New Activity Type : Activity Details

    Choose Continue.

  2. In the Additional Options dialog box, enter a Description and specify a Heartbeat Timeout and a Task Schedule to Close Timeout. Choose Review.

            Register New Activity Type : Additional Options
  3. In the Review dialog box, review the information that you entered in the previous dialog boxes. If the information is correct, choose Register Activity. Otherwise, choose Back to change the information.

            Register New Activity Type : Review