Amazon SWF Object Identifiers - Amazon Simple Workflow Service
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Amazon SWF Object Identifiers

The following list describes how Amazon SWF objects, such as workflow executions, are uniquely identified.

  • Workflow Type – A registered workflow type is identified by its domain, name, and version. Workflow types are specified in the call to RegisterWorkflowType.

  • Activity Type – A registered activity type is identified by its domain, name, and version. Activity types are specified in the call to RegisterActivityType.

  • Decision Tasks and Activity Tasks – Each decision task and activity task is identified by a unique task token. The task token is generated by Amazon SWF and is returned with other information about the task in the response from PollForDecisionTask or PollForActivityTask. Although the token is most commonly used by the process that received the task, that process could pass the token to another process, which could then report the completion or failure of the task.

  • Workflow Execution – A single execution of a workflow is identified by the domain, workflow ID, and run ID. The first two are parameters that are passed to StartWorkflowExecution. The run ID is returned by StartWorkflowExecution.