Managing Your Workflow Executions - Amazon Simple Workflow Service
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Managing Your Workflow Executions

The My Workflow Executions view in the Amazon SWF console provides functionality for managing your workflow executions both those that are currently running, and those that are closed. To access this view, choose the Find Execution(s) button in the Amazon SWF Dashboard.

            Find workflow executions

If you first enter a workflow ID, the console will display executions with that workflow ID. Otherwise, if you choose Find Execution(s), the My Workflow Executions view will enable you to query for workflow executions based on when they were started, whether they are still running, and their associated metadata. For a given query, you can select from any one of the following types of metadata:

  • Workflow ID

  • Workflow Type

  • Tags

  • Close Status

If the workflow execution is closed, the close status is one of the following values, which indicate the circumstance in which the workflow execution closed:

  • Completed

  • Failed

  • Canceled

  • Timed Out

  • Continued as New


You must select a domain from the Domain drop-down list before you can enumerate workflow executions.

        My Executions UI

After enumerating a list of workflow executions, you can perform the following operations.

  • Signal a workflow execution—that is, send a running workflow execution additional data.

                Signal workflow execution
  • Try to cancel a workflow execution. It is preferable to cancel a workflow execution rather than terminate it. Canceling provides the workflow execution an opportunity to perform any clean-up tasks and then close properly.

              Cancel workflow execution
  • Terminate a workflow execution. Note that it is preferable to cancel a workflow execution rather than terminate it.

              Terminate workflow execution
  • Re-run a closed workflow execution.

        Restart a workflow execution

To re-run a closed workflow execution

  1. In the list of workflow executions, select the closed execution to re-run. When you select a closed execution, the Re-Run button becomes enabled. Choose Re-Run.

    The Re-Run Execution sequence of dialog boxes appears.

  2. In the Execution Details dialog box, specify the following information. The dialog box has the information from the original execution already filled in.

    • Domain

    • Workflow Name

    • Workflow Version

    • Workflow ID

    By choosing the Advanced Options link, you can specify the following additional options.

    • Task List

    • Maximum Execution Run Time

    • Task Start to Close Timeout

    Choose Continue

  3. In the Additional Options dialog box, specify an input string for the execution. By choosing the Advanced Options link, you can specify Tags to associate with this run or the workflow execution as well as change the executions Child Policy. As with the previous dialog box, the information from the original execution is already filled in.

    Choose Review.

  4. In the Review dialog box, verify that all the information is correct. If the information is correct, choose Re-Run Execution. Otherwise, choose Back to change the information.