Registering a Domain with Amazon SWF - Amazon Simple Workflow Service
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Registering a Domain with Amazon SWF

Your workflow and activity types and the workflow execution itself are all scoped to a domain. Domains isolate a set of types, executions, and task lists from others within the same account.

You can register a domain by using the Amazon Web Services Management Console or by using the RegisterDomain action in the Amazon SWF API. The following example uses the API. RegisterDomain { "name" : "867530901", "description" : "music", "workflowExecutionRetentionPeriodInDays" : "60" }

The parameters are specified in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. Here, the retention period is set to 60 days. During the retention period, all information about the workflow execution is available through visibility operations using either the Amazon Web Services Management Console or the Amazon SWF API.

After registering the domain, you should register the workflow type and the activity types used by the workflow. You need to register the domain first because a registered domain name is part of the required information for registering workflow and activity types.

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