Generate the Ruby SDK of an API - Amazon API Gateway
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Generate the Ruby SDK of an API

To generate the Ruby SDK of an API in API Gateway

  1. Sign in to the API Gateway console at

  2. Choose a REST API.

  3. Choose Stages.

  4. In the Stages pane, choose the name of the stage.

  5. On the SDK Generation tab, for Platform, choose Ruby.

    1. For Service Name, specify the name of your SDK. For example, SimpleCalc. This is used to generate the Ruby Gem namespace of your API. The name must be all letters, (a-zA-Z), without any other special characters or numbers.

    2. For Ruby Gem Name, specify the name of the Ruby Gem to contain the generated SDK source code for your API. By default, it is the lower-cased service name plus the -sdk suffix—for example, simplecalc-sdk.

    3. For Ruby Gem Version, specify a version number for the generated Ruby Gem. By default, it is set to 1.0.0.

  6. Choose Generate SDK, and then follow the on-screen directions to download the SDK generated by API Gateway.

  7. Follow the instructions in Use a Ruby SDK generated by API Gateway for a REST API to use the generated SDK.

Every time you update an API, you must redeploy the API and regenerate the SDK to have the updates included.