View CloudWatch metrics with the API dashboard in API Gateway - Amazon API Gateway
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View CloudWatch metrics with the API dashboard in API Gateway

You can use the API dashboard in the API Gateway Console to display the CloudWatch metrics of your deployed API in API Gateway. These are shown as a summary of API activity over time.


  1. You must have an API created in API Gateway. Follow the instructions in Creating a REST API in Amazon API Gateway.

  2. You must have the API deployed at least once. Follow the instructions in Deploying a REST API in Amazon API Gateway.

  3. To get CloudWatch metrics for individual methods, you must have CloudWatch Logs enabled for those methods in a given stage as described in Update stage settings. Your account will be charged for accessing method-level logs, but not for accessing API- or stage-level logs.

Examine API activities in the dashboard

  1. Sign in to the API Gateway console at

  2. Choose the name of the API.

  3. Under the selected API, choose Dashboard.

  4. To display a summary of API activity over time, for Stage, choose the desired stage.

  5. Use From and To to enter the date range.

  6. Refresh, if needed, and view individual metrics displayed in separate graphs titled API Calls, Integration Latency, Latency, 4xx Error and 5xx Error. The CacheHitCount and CacheMissCount graphs will be displayed only if API caching has been enabled.


    To examine method-level CloudWatch metrics, make sure that you have enabled CloudWatch Logs on a method level. For more information about how to set up method-level logging, see Update stage settings using the API Gateway console.