Other sources of configuration data - Amazon AppConfig
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Other sources of configuration data

This topic includes information about other Amazon services that integrate with Amazon AppConfig.

Amazon AppConfig integration with Amazon Secrets Manager

Secrets Manager helps you to securely encrypt, store, and retrieve credentials for your databases and other services. Instead of hardcoding credentials in your apps, you can make calls to Secrets Manager to retrieve your credentials whenever needed. Secrets Manager helps you protect access to your IT resources and data by enabling you to rotate and manage access to your secrets.

When you create a freeform configuration profile, you can choose Secrets Manager as the source of your configuration data. You must onboard with Secrets Manager and create a secret before you create the configuration profile. For more information about Secrets Manager, see What is Amazon Secrets Manager? in the Amazon Secrets Manager User Guide. For information about creating a configuration profile that uses Secrets Manager, see Creating feature flags and free form configuration data in Amazon AppConfig.