EncryptionConfiguration - Amazon Athena
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If query and calculation results are encrypted in Amazon S3, indicates the encryption option used (for example, SSE_KMS or CSE_KMS) and key information.



Indicates whether Amazon S3 server-side encryption with Amazon S3-managed keys (SSE_S3), server-side encryption with KMS-managed keys (SSE_KMS), or client-side encryption with KMS-managed keys (CSE_KMS) is used.

If a query runs in a workgroup and the workgroup overrides client-side settings, then the workgroup's setting for encryption is used. It specifies whether query results must be encrypted, for all queries that run in this workgroup.

Type: String

Valid Values: SSE_S3 | SSE_KMS | CSE_KMS

Required: Yes


For SSE_KMS and CSE_KMS, this is the KMS key ARN or ID.

Type: String

Required: No

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