Creating capacity reservations - Amazon Athena
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Creating capacity reservations

To get started, you create a capacity reservation that has the number of DPUs that you require, and then assign one or more workgroups that will use that capacity for their queries. You can adjust your capacity later as needed to provide more consistent performance or better manage costs. For information about estimating your capacity requirements, see Determining capacity requirements.


Requests for capacity are not guaranteed and can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

To create a capacity reservation
  1. Open the Athena console at

  2. If the console navigation pane is not visible, choose the expansion menu on the left.

  3. Choose Administration, Capacity reservations.

  4. Choose Create capacity reservation.

  5. On the Create capacity reservation page, for Capacity reservation name, enter name. The name must be unique, from 1 to 128 characters long, and use only the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _(underscore), .(period) and -(hyphen).You cannot change the name after you create the reservation.

  6. For DPU, choose or enter the number of data processing units (DPUs) that you want in increments of 4. For more information, see Understanding DPUs.

  7. (Optional) Expand the Tags option, and then choose Add new tag to add one or more custom key/value pairs to associate with the capacity reservation resource. For more information, see Tagging Athena resources.

  8. Choose Review.

  9. At the Confirm create capacity reservation prompt, confirm the number of DPUs, Amazon Web Services Region, and other information. If you accept, choose Submit.

    On the details page, your capacity reservation's Status shows as Pending. When your reservation capacity is available to run queries, its status shows as Active.

At this point, you are ready to add one or more workgroups to your reservation. For steps, see Adding workgroups to a reservation.