Previous versions of the Athena JDBC 3.x driver - Amazon Athena
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Previous versions of the Athena JDBC 3.x driver

We highly recommended that you use the latest version of the JDBC 3.x driver. The latest version of the driver contains the most recent improvements and fixes. Use an older version only if your application experiences incompatibilities with the latest version.

JDBC driver uber jar

The following download packages the driver and all its dependencies in the same .jar file. This download is commonly used for third-party SQL clients.

JDBC driver lean jar

The following download is a .zip file that contains the lean .jar for the driver and separate .jar files for the driver's dependencies. This download is commonly used for custom applications that might have dependencies that conflict with the dependencies that the driver uses. This download is useful if you want to choose which of the driver dependencies to include with the lean jar, and which to exclude if your custom application already contains one or more of them.