Amazon Athena JDBC 3.x release notes - Amazon Athena
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Amazon Athena JDBC 3.x release notes

These release notes provide details of improvements and fixes in the Amazon Athena JDBC 3.x driver.


Released 2024-04-26


  • Catalog operation performance – Performance has been improved for catalog operations that do not use wildcard characters.

  • Minimum polling interval change – The minimum polling interval default has been modified to reduce the number of API calls the driver makes to Athena. Query completions are still detected as soon as possible.

  • BI tool discoverability – The driver has been made more easily discoverable for business intelligence tools.

  • Data type mapping – Data type mapping to the Athena binary, array, and struct DDL data types has been improved.

  • Amazon SDK version – The Amazon SDK version used in the driver has been updated to 2.25.34.


  • Federated catalog table listings – Fixed an issue that caused federated catalogs to return an empty list of tables.

  • getSchemas – Fixed an issue that caused the JDBC DatabaseMetaData#getSchemas method to fetch databases only from the default catalog instead of from all catalogs.

  • getColumns – Fixed an issue that caused a null catalog to be returned when the JDBC DatabaseMetaData#getColumns method was called with a null catalog name.


Released 2024-02-15


  • Support added for Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) Windows Integrated Authentication and form-based authentication.

  • For backwards compatibility with version 2.x, the awsathena JDBC sub-protocol is now accepted but produces a deprecation warning. Use the athena JDBC sub-protocol instead.

  • AwsDataCatalog is now the default for the catalog parameter, and default is the default for the database parameter. These changes ensure that correct values for the current catalog and database are returned instead of null.

  • In conformance with the JDBC specification, IS_AUTOINCREMENT and IS_GENERATEDCOLUMN now return an empty string instead of NO.

  • The Athena int data type now maps to the same JDBC type as Athena integer instead of to other.

  • When the column metadata from Athena does not contain the optional precision and scale fields, the driver now returns zero for the corresponding values in a ResultSet column.

  • The Amazon SDK version has been updated to 2.21.39.


  • Fixed an issue with GetQueryResultsStream that caused an exception to occur when plain text results from Athena had a column count inconsistent with the column count in Athena result metadata.


Released 2023-11-16

The Athena JDBC 3.x driver is the new generation driver offering better performance and compatibility. The JDBC 3.x driver supports reading query results directly from Amazon S3, which improves the performance of applications that consume large query results. The new driver also has fewer third-party dependencies, which makes integration with BI tools and custom applications easier.