Authentication options - Amazon Athena
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Authentication options

You can connect to Amazon Athena using the following authentication types. For all types, the connection string name is AuthenticationType, the parameter type is Required, and the default value is IAM Credentials. For information about the parameters for each authentication type, visit the corresponding link. For common authentication parameters, see Common authentication parameters.

Authentication type Connection string example
IAM credentials AuthenticationType=IAM Credentials;
IAM profile AuthenticationType=IAM Profile;
AD FS AuthenticationType=ADFS;
Azure AD AuthenticationType=AzureAD;
Browser Azure AD AuthenticationType=BrowserAzureAD;
Browser SAML AuthenticationType=BrowserSAML;
Browser SSO OIDC AuthenticationType=BrowserSSOOIDC;
Default credentials AuthenticationType=Default Credentials;
External credentials AuthenticationType=External Credentials;
Instance profile AuthenticationType=Instance Profile;
JWT AuthenticationType=JWT;
Okta AuthenticationType=Okta;
Ping AuthenticationType=Ping;