Access through JDBC and ODBC connections - Amazon Athena
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Access through JDBC and ODBC connections

To gain access to Amazon Web Services and resources, such as Athena and the Amazon S3 buckets, provide the JDBC or ODBC driver credentials to your application. If you are using the JDBC or ODBC driver, ensure that the IAM permissions policy includes all of the actions listed in Amazon managed policy: AWSQuicksightAthenaAccess.

Whenever you use IAM policies, make sure that you follow IAM best practices. For more information, see Security best practices in IAM in the IAM User Guide.

Authentication methods

The Athena JDBC and ODBC drivers support SAML 2.0-based authentication, including the following identity providers:

  • Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

  • Azure Active Directory (AD)

  • Okta

  • PingFederate

For more information, see the installation and configuration guides for the respective drivers, downloadable in PDF format from the JDBC and ODBC driver pages. For additional related information, see the following:

For information about the latest versions of the JDBC and ODBC drivers and their documentation, see Connecting to Amazon Athena with JDBC and Connecting to Amazon Athena with ODBC.