Other Athena operations on Iceberg tables - Amazon Athena
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Other Athena operations on Iceberg tables

Database level operations

When you use DROP DATABASE with the CASCADE option , any Iceberg table data is also removed. The following DDL operations have no effect on Iceberg tables.

Because Iceberg tables use hidden partitioning, you do not have to work with physical partitions directly. As a result, Iceberg tables in Athena do not support the following partition-related DDL operations:

If you would like to see Iceberg partition evolution in Athena, send feedback to athena-feedback@amazon.com.

Unloading Iceberg tables

Iceberg tables can be unloaded to files in a folder on Amazon S3. For information, see UNLOAD.


Because Iceberg tables keep track of table layout information, running MSCK REPAIR TABLE as one does with Hive tables is not necessary and is not supported.