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Creates a SQL statement with the name statement_name to be run at a later time. The statement can include parameters represented by question marks. To supply values for the parameters and run the prepared statement, use EXECUTE.


PREPARE statement_name FROM statement

The following table describes the parameters.

Parameter Description
statement_name The name of the statement to be prepared. The name must be unique within the workgroup.
statement A SELECT, CTAS, or INSERT INTO query.

The maximum number of prepared statements in a workgroup is 1000.


The following example prepares a select query without parameters.

PREPARE my_select1 FROM SELECT * FROM nation

The following example prepares a select query that includes parameters. The values for productid and quantity will be supplied by the USING clause of an EXECUTE statement:

PREPARE my_select2 FROM SELECT order FROM orders WHERE productid = ? and quantity < ?

The following example prepares an insert query.

PREPARE my_insert FROM INSERT INTO cities_usa (city, state) SELECT city, state FROM cities_world WHERE country = ?

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