Check the status of an instance refresh - Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
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Check the status of an instance refresh

You can get the status of an instance refresh for your Auto Scaling group using the console or the Amazon CLI.


In the following procedure, you look at the Instance refresh history, Activity history, and Instances sections for the Auto Scaling group. In each, the named columns should already be displayed. To display hidden columns or change the number of rows shown, choose the gear icon on the top right corner of each section to open the preferences modal, update the settings as needed, and choose Confirm.

To check the status of an instance refresh (console)

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at, and choose Auto Scaling Groups from the navigation pane.

  2. Select the check box next to the Auto Scaling group.

    A split pane opens up in the bottom of the Auto Scaling groups page.

  3. On the Instance refresh tab, under Instance refresh history, you can determine the status of your request by looking at the Status column. The operation goes into Pending status while it is initializing. The status should then quickly change to InProgress. When all instances are updated, the status changes to Successful.

  4. On the Activity tab, under Activity history, when the instance refresh starts, you see entries when instances are terminated and another set of entries when instances are launched. In the Description column, you can find the instance ID.

  5. (Optional) If you have a lot of scaling activities, you can choose the > icon at the top edge of the activity history to see the next page of scaling activities.

  6. On the Instance management tab, under Instances, you can verify that your instances launched successfully. Initially, your instances are in the Pending state. After an instance is ready to receive traffic, its state is InService. The Health status column shows the result of the health checks on your instances.

To check the status of an instance refresh (Amazon CLI)

View the instance refreshes for an Auto Scaling group by using the following describe-instance-refreshes command.

aws autoscaling describe-instance-refreshes --auto-scaling-group-name my-asg

Example output:

{ "InstanceRefreshes": [ { "InstanceRefreshId": "08b91cf7-8fa6-48af-b6a6-d227f40f1b9b", "AutoScalingGroupName": "my-asg", "Status": "InProgress", "StartTime": "2020-06-02T18:11:27Z", "PercentageComplete": 0, "InstancesToUpdate": 5 }, { "InstanceRefreshId": "dd7728d0-5bc4-4575-96a3-1b2c52bf8bb1", "AutoScalingGroupName": "my-asg", "Status": "Successful", "StartTime": "2020-06-02T16:43:19Z", "EndTime": "2020-06-02T16:53:37Z", "PercentageComplete": 100, "InstancesToUpdate": 0 } ] }