RestoreTestingSelectionForUpdate - Amazon Backup
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This contains metadata about a restore testing selection.



The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the IAM role that Amazon Backup uses to create the target resource; for example: arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/S3Access.

Type: String

Required: No


You can include a list of specific ARNs, such as ProtectedResourceArns: ["arn:aws:...", "arn:aws:..."] or you can include a wildcard: ProtectedResourceArns: ["*"], but not both.

Type: Array of strings

Required: No


A list of conditions that you define for resources in your restore testing plan using tags.

For example, "StringEquals": { "Key": "aws:ResourceTag/CreatedByCryo", "Value": "true" },. Condition operators are case sensitive.

Type: ProtectedResourceConditions object

Required: No


You can override certain restore metadata keys by including the parameter RestoreMetadataOverrides in the body of RestoreTestingSelection. Key values are not case sensitive.

See the complete list of restore testing inferred metadata.

Type: String to string map

Required: No


This value represents the time, in hours, data is retained after a restore test so that optional validation can be completed.

Accepted value is an integer between 0 and 168 (the hourly equivalent of seven days).

Type: Integer

Required: No

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