Restore CloudFormation stack backups - Amazon Backup
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Restore CloudFormation stack backups

A CloudFormation composite backup is a combination of a CloudFormation template and all associated nested recovery points. Any number of nested recovery points can be restored, but the composite recovery point (which is the top-level recovery point) cannot be restored.

When you restore a CloudFormation template recovery point, you create a new stack with a change set to represent the backup.

Restore CloudFormation with the Amazon Backup console;

From the CloudFormation console you can see the new stack and change set. To learn more about change sets, see Updating stacks using change sets in the Amazon CloudFormation User Guide.

Determine which nested recovery points you want to restore from with your CloudFormation stack, and then restore them using the Amazon Backup console.

  1. Open the Amazon Backup console at

  2. Go to Backup vaults, select the backup vault containing your desired recovery point, then click on Recovery points.

  3. Restore the Amazon CloudFormation template recovery point.

    1. Click the composite recovery point containing the nested recovery points you want to restore to bring up the Details page for the composite recovery point.

    2. Under Nested recovery points, the nested recovery points will be displayed. Each recovery point will have a recovery point ID, a status, a resource ID, a resource type, a backup type, and the time that recovery point was created. Click the radio button next to the Amazon CloudFormation recovery point, then click Restore. Ensure that you are selecting the recovery point that has resource type: Amazon CloudFormation and backup type: backup.

  4. Once the restore job for the CloudFormation template is completed, your restored Amazon CloudFormation template will be visible in the Amazon CloudFormation console under Stacks.

  5. Under Stack names you should find the restored template with the status of REVIEW_IN_PROGRESS.

  6. Click on the name of the stack to see the stack's details.

  7. There are tabs under the stack name. Click on Change sets.

  8. Execute the change set.

  9. After this processes, the resources in the original stack will be recreated in the new stack. The stateful resources will be recreated empty. To recover the stateful resources, go back to the list of recovery points in the Amazon Backup console, select the recovery point you need, and initiate a restore.

Restore CloudFormation with Amazon CLI

In the command line interface, start-restore-job allows you to restore a CloudFormation stack.

The following list is the accepted metadata to restore an CloudFormation resource.

// Mandatory metadata: ChangeSetName // This is the name of the change set which will be created StackName // This is the name of the stack that will be created by the new change set // Optional metadata: ChangeSetDescription // This is the description of the new change set StackParameters // This is the JSON of the stack parameters required by the stack aws:backup:request-id