Restoring an Amazon EBS volume - Amazon Backup
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Restoring an Amazon EBS volume

When you restore an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshot, Amazon Backup creates a new Amazon EBS volume that you can attach to your Amazon EC2 instance.

You can choose to restore the snapshot as an EBS volume or as an Amazon Storage Gateway volume.

Use the Amazon Backup console to restore Amazon EBS recovery points

To restore an Amazon EBS volume
  1. Open the Amazon Backup console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Protected resources and then choose the EBS resource ID you want to restore.

  3. On the Resource details page, a list of recovery points for the selected resource ID is shown. To restore a resource, in the Backups pane, choose the radio button next to the recovery point ID of the resource. In the upper-right corner of the pane, choose Restore.

  4. Specify the restore parameters for your resource. The restore parameters you enter are specific to the resource type that you selected.

    For Resource type, choose the Amazon resource to create when restoring this backup.

  5. If you choose EBS volume, provide the values for Volume type, Size (GiB), and choose an Availability zone.

    1. After Throughput, there will be an optional checkbox Encrypt this volume. This option will stay active if the EBS recovery point is encrypted.

      You may specify a KMS key or you may create an Amazon KMS key.

    If you choose Storage Gateway volume, choose a Gateway in a reachable state. Also choose your iSCSI target name.

    • For Volume stored gateways, choose a Disk Id.

    • For Volume cached gateways, choose a capacity that is at least as large as your protected resource.

  6. For Restore role, choose the IAM role that Amazon Backup will assume for this restore.


    If the Amazon Backup default role is not present in your account, a Default role is created for you with the correct permissions. You can delete this default role or make it unusable.

  7. Choose Restore backup.

    The Restore jobs pane appears. A message at the top of the page provides information about the restore job.

Restoring an archived EBS snapshot moves it from cold to warm storage temporarily to create a new EBS volume. This type of restore incurs a one-time retrieval charge. Storage costs for both warm and cold storage are billed during this restore period. EBS volumes in cold storage can't be restored to a backup gateway volume.

You can restore an archived EBS snapshot in cold storage by using the Amazon Backup console or the command line. A restore from cold storage can take up to 72 hours. For more information, see Archive Amazon EBS snapshots.

  1. Open the Amazon Backup console at

  2. Navigate to Backup vaults > Vault > Restore archived EBS snapshot.

  3. In the Settings section, input a value from 0 to 180, inclusive, that specifies the number of days to temporarily restore an archived snapshot.

  4. Input other settings: volume type, size, IOPS, availability zone, throughput, and encryption.

  5. Choose your restore role.

  6. Select Restore backup. On the confirmation pop up, confirm the snapshots and restore type. Then, select Restore snapshot.

Amazon CLI
  1. Use start-restore-job

  2. Include the parameters.

Use the Amazon Backup API, CLI, or SDK to restore Amazon EBS recovery points

To restore Amazon EBS using the API or CLI, use StartRestoreJob. You can specify the following metadata during any Amazon EBS restore:

availabilityZone volumeType volumeSize iops throughput temporaryRestoreDays encrypted // if set to true, encryption will be enabled as volume is restored kmsKeyId // if included, this key will be used to encrypt the restored volume instead of default KMS Key Id aws:backup:request-id


"restoreMetadata": "{\"encrypted\":\"false\",\"volumeId\":\"vol-04cc95f3490b5ceea\",\"availabilityZone\":null}"