Copying tags onto backups - Amazon Backup
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Copying tags onto backups

In general, Amazon Backup copies tags from the resources it protects to your recovery points. For more information on how to copy tags during a restore, see Copy tags during a restore.

For example, when you back up an Amazon EC2 volume, Amazon Backup copies its group and individual resource tags to the resulting snapshot, subject to the following:

  • For a list of resource-specific permissions that are required to save metadata tags on backups, see Permissions required to assign tags to backups.

  • Tags that are originally associated with a resource and tags that are assigned during backup are assigned to recovery points stored in a backup vault, up to a maximum of 50 (this is an Amazon limitation). Tags that are assigned during backup have priority, and both sets of tags are copied in alphabetical order.

  • DynamoDB does not support assigning tags to backups unless you first enable Advanced DynamoDB backup.

  • Amazon EBS volumes that are attached to Amazon EC2 instances are nested resources. Tags on the Amazon EBS volumes that are attached to Amazon EC2 instances are nested tags. Amazon Backup makes a best-effort attempt to copy nested tags, but if it is unsuccessful, it creates a backup without them and reports Status Completed.

  • When an Amazon EC2 backup creates an image recovery point and a set of snapshots, Amazon Backup copies tags to the resulting AMI. Amazon Backup also makes a best-effort attempt to copy the tags from the volumes associated with the Amazon EC2 instance to the resulting snapshots.

If you copy your backup to another Amazon Web Services Region, Amazon Backup copies all tags of the original backup to the destination Amazon Web Services Region.